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Elk's Key®
A Dave Pelz Learning Aid


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About The Dave Pelz Learning Aid: Elk's Key

Your eye position and body alignment for putting are critical building blocks to your putting success. But how can you tell if you’re aligned properly without good feedback? Using instant feedback with mirrors and precise guide lines, Elk's Key® helps you identify and learn the feel of proper alignment so you can putt with confidence and get good results!

If you’re stroking putts from a perfect set-up and alignment position, you have a better chance of holing them. The Elk’s Key mirror system features alignment aids that instantly tell you if your eyes are set up directly above the ball and if your shoulders are aligned along your intended target line. Guidelines on Elk’s Keyshow whether or not your putter face is square as you address the ball. Making adjustments to get in a perfect set-up position becomes simple with Elk’s Key. A ball groove is positioned in the center of your Elk’s Key so you can practice putting from a good set-up position on any smooth surface- indoors or out.

If you putt from a perfect set-up every time, you are going to become a better putter. It’s that simple. Let Elk’s Key show you the way to improved putting!