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A Dave Pelz Learning Aid


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About The Dave Pelz Learning Aid: Truthboard

The Pelz Truthboard is the ideal surface to help you perfect your stroke for three-foot putts at home. Overcome your fear of short putts with this three-and-a-half foot long, perfectly true, artificial-turf-covered ramp.

Your Pelz Truthboard comes fully assembled with the following features and accessories:
  • The level adjustment knob and footprint-free surface ensures your putts will roll true to your stroke.
  • The hole of the Truthboard, slightly smaller than normal, makes regulation golf course cups look much larger by comparison.
  • The eye position mirror ensures your eyes are in the vertical plane above the putt line (only one eye need be visible in the mirror) on each putt.
  • Alignment lines indicate when your putter face is square at address and allow you to check club face squareness at the finish of your stroke.
  • The ball position spot ensures repeatable ball placement in your stance.
  • After successful practice with the full hole of your Truthboard, hole reducers (which are included) can be added to create “Pro” and “Super Pro” hole widths.

With regular practice, your Truthboard will help increase your confidence and consistency on any short putt.