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Dave's Daily Tip:      7/1/2016

If you address a putt with your hands inside (relative to the vertical) of your shoulder sockets, then a pure pendulum motion will result in an outside-square-outside path relative to the putt line. Your clubface will be outside and closed on the backstroke, square at impact, and outside again with the clubface open at the finish.

Most golfers who address the ball in this fashion do something with their hands and/or wrists to keep the club from swinging outside the line during their backswing. Many use forearm rotation to do the job. When they make such manipulations however, they lead to a more complicated and unnatural stroke, one that calls for a high degree of talent to accomplish.

Read more about this in Dave Pelz's Putting Bible, Chapter 4.

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An Online Tip From Dave Pelz

Spieth and McIlroy Do it. Should You?

By Dave Pelz

In golf, we often talk about developing skills that we can trust under pressure. Seeing Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy successfully using the Left Hand Low putting technique reaffirms what I've been telling students in our schools for nearly three decades. When you putt with high-stakes on the line, you need a routine, ritual and method you can trust when the pressure is at its highest—and Left Hand Low can do that for you.

Jordan and Rory have discovered what thousands of our school students have figured out: that Left Hand Low putting minimizes left wrist break down and helps you put a stable, consistent roll on your putts. Many golfers also say Left Hand Low helps them line up putts better and even promotes improved feel.

Left Hand Low is simple to use: First, stand square to the target and let your left arm and hand hang, fully-extended, from your shoulder. Then place it on your putter. From this position, there is no danger of the right hand becoming dominant and turning over during the stroke.

It is important to keep your shoulders level and your body aimed parallel to the line of your putt. To check your position, make sure your right forearm and hand is positioned squarely behind (and above on the putter) your left arm and wrist. Once you’ve putted like this for a while, you’ll notice your right hand can’t go out and around your left hand. This helps you avoid a left wrist collapse or the turning of your putter blade left and inside the target line. It’s also more difficult to pull putts with this stroke.

When you stroke the putt, keep your hands and arms quiet to eliminate any jerky motion. Your putting stroke doesn’t need forearm rotation or wrist break. Left Hand Low helps minimize any “pushing” or “hitting at” the putt. The putter face stays square because your arms and shoulders swing along your body line.

The flow through impact with Left Hand Low is so good, that you greatly minimize face angle problems like pushing, pulling and inconsistent distance control. All you have to decide is where to aim and how long your stroke should be.

Remember, as long as you can read greens reasonably well, aim your putter where you want to, deliver a square straight to the ball and accelerate through impact, you can put with the best of them!

Discover How Low You Can Score in 2016

What's the best thing you can do to effectively improve your handicap? Simple. Improve your short game and putting. If you can turn three shots into two around the greens, you'll gain confidence and your scores WILL IMPROVE.

Our Dave Pelz Scoring Game School staff is ready to help you reach your scoring goals with better pitching, putting, sand and wedge play skills and give you a working plan you can trust for as long as you play this great game!

A Three-Day Pelz School is the best way to focus on and sharpen the skills that are most critical to scoring. Join us at a school and see what improved skills inside of 100 yards will do for YOUR GAME! Conducted in some of the world’s finest resort locations including the mind-blowing (Pronghorn Resort pictured), Dave Pelz Scoring Game School is designed to equip students with skills and practice techniques that promote a lifetime of lower scores and enjoyment of the game.

We are excited about what our students are telling us about their progress and what they are achieving after learning proven short game and putting methods. From club champions to career-best shooters to countless students who tell us the simply enjoy the game more, we’re take pride in the results out students earn. Join the success stories!

To learn more, call our friendly enrollment staff at 800-833-7370 or click here to see the full slate of locations for 2016 schools, including:

Centennial Golf Club, New York, NY
The Homestead, Traverse City, MI
The Club at Cordillera, Vail, CO
Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg, VA
Pronghorn, Bend, OR
Escondido Golf & Lake Club, Austin, TX
Ak-Chin Southern Dunes GC, Phoenix, AZ
Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, Atlanta, GA
Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL
PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Chardonnay Golf Club, Napa Valley, CA
Cimarron Golf Resort, Palm Springs, CA
Escondido Golf & Lake Club, Austin, TX

Line Up Your Putts Accurately With the LazrAimer

Dave Pelz always says “Aim is the first fundamental of good putting.” The Dave Pelz LazrAimer is an innovative feedback tool that helps you aim your putter face correctly so you start each putt with confidence. The LazrAimer’s red laser pointer reflects off of a small mirror on the face of your putter to help you square your putter face. The more accurately you learn to aim the better you’ll putt. The voice-activated LazrAimer gives you immediate visual feedback of your putter face aim at address so you know you’re starting every putt from a good set-up position. The more you practice with the LazrAimer, the more confidently you’ll set up to the ball. You’ll also see truer-rolling putts.

The more you practice with this innovative feedback tool, the more accurately you’ll set up to the ball. You’ll also see truer-rolling putts. Learn more here.

Watch Dave’s introduction to the new line of feedback-driven learning aids:

The Breathtaking Club at Cordillera

With it's dramatic, natural setting and inspiring Colorado panoramas, The Club at Cordillera-- and our school at the exhilarating Dave Pelz-designed Short Course-- provide an unforgettable Mountain vacation experience. We are excited to announce an upcoming series of Three Day Schools and One-Day Clinics at the Dave Pelz-designed learning facility in the picturesque setting at the Cordillera Short Course from Aug. 3 - Sept. 4.

This exciting series of schools at Cordillera is your chance to lower your scores by fine-tuning your chipping, pitching, putting, sand and wedge play skills. Improving your short game and putting skills is your surest route to measurable, lasting improvement and MORE FUN on the course.

Students will welcome play on the Dave Pelz-designed 10-hole Short Course, an innovative layout that showcases breathtaking alpine vistas. Recognized as one of the world's most extraordinary vacation getaways, Cordillera (in idyllic Edwards, CO) has a wealth of activities for visitors.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your scoring skills at one of the truly special Dave Pelz Scoring Game School locations THIS SUMMER.

VIDEO: "The Traveling Golfer" Visits Our School

Veteran journalist Tony Leodora, host of "The Traveling Golfer" television show, recently spent time with our teaching staff at PGA National Resort & Spa. Take a short peek at his interview with Dave Pelz and his time at PGA National in this first of two fun-filled video segments:

Tell Us About Your Personal Putting Style

The way you putt reveals a personal style, personality and approach that is all your own. We'd like to learn more about how YOU putt. We see the pros trying several unique putting styles and wonder if amateurs are as open to experimenting and conducting trial-and-error tests to see what works best for them. TAKE OUR SHORT SURVEY and we will reveal the answer data and the best comments in the next PELZ PRIMERS.

Tell us about How You Putt and see the results from our last survey on your "#1 Short Game Goals for 2016." TAKE THE SURVEY

In a previous Survey, we asked "What Aspect of Your Short Game Would You Most Like to Improve in 2016?" Nearly one-fourth of all respondents answered "Distance Control on Wedges." The second- and third-most popular response were "Pitching" and "Chip Shots". See all answers below:

Green Reading Study Update

If you signed up to participate in Dave Pelz’s Green Reading study, you’re in good company. Due to the high volume of replies and requests to take part, the Pelz Golf Institute has extended the timeline and is working on some exciting interactive features we’ll share with you in the coming weeks and months.

Please watch this welcome video from Dave Pelz. We look forward to working on this project with you!

The SYNLawn Advantage

A recent article on GOLF.com features the relationship Dave and Eddie Pelz have forged with SYNLawn Golf and how, together, the two brand have revolutionized the arena of backyard golf practice:

Dave Pelz’s backyard short-game playground is well-known in the world of golf. It has a level of prominence that only makes sense for the backyard of the man who authored The Short Game Bible. What isn’t well known, however, is how Pelz assembled his distinctive backyard.

There’s a company behind the grandeur: SYNLawn. Back in the summer of 2008, Pelz was looking for a turf company to purchase the most realistic turf he could find. He had already been affiliated with other synthetic turf companies. So he called SYNLawn for the job.

SYNLawn, which can be found in all 50 states as well as Canada, specializes in outdoor turf, landscape and playground surfaces with a successful golf branch. That’s why Pelz was interested. The turf led to building one green, which led to another and another and then many surrounding areas of fringe, fairway, and first-cut lengths of turf.

“It took months, maybe even a year,” says John Knox, manager of the SYNLawn golf brand. “They had to do some demolition back there...we moved a lot of dirt back there. Dave has some intricate designs that we don’t normally do.”

But SYNLawn made it work for Pelz, and now 100 percent of his backyard is SYNLawn products, even the sand seen in the bunkers.

Pelz's backyard is unique and far from the normal SYNLawn project. The typical job is a 1,000 square-foot green, which costs between $13,000 and $17,000. The price depends on specifics in design like humps, bunkers, fringe locations, etc. -- many adjustments that allow the owner creativity for however he or she wishes to transform their lot.

Watch a video of Dave describing his relationship with SYNLawn and the evolution of the “World’s Greatest Backyard.”:

“We go there, physically take the measurements and look at integrating the putting green into the design of the backyard,” Knox said. “If [the customer] wants a hump, or if they want a tier, these are various things we build into the base.”

That base is made of stone, and requires a specific level of excavation to drain precipitation correctly. Depending on the region -- the level of digging depends on the frost line -- there is a day of excavation and initial laying of the stone work. It will take one more day to finish the stonework before a final day of laying the turf in place.

In just a few days, a typical backyard can become a golf refuge. From there, maintenance is minimal. Knox says the leaf blower that already owns a place in the garage is all that’s needed to clean the turf. Any precipitation flows through pores in the turf and through the stone as well. Anything left on the turf is then blown away to keep the green clean.

“If leaves get on it, blow it off,” he says. “Literally that’s it.”

Nowadays, Pelz is not only an ambassador of the turf product but also a partner of the company. (His son now runs SYNLawn distribution in Austin, Texas.) Pelz even created a product of his own to layer beneath the turf to make the greens more receptive -- and act more similar to actual soil -- for longer-range approach shots.

His addition isn’t for everyone -- admittedly, not all SYNLawn clients have as much area as Pelz had to work with -- but the idea of a backyard green is catching on with others.

Just last week, a well-known golfer called in and eventually wrote a $70,000 check. It was six-time major champion Tom Watson.

Watch the video tour of Dave Pelz's backyard golf paradise here:

What do YOU Want to Improve Most in Your Game?

In speaking with many of our students recently, we’re reminded that every golfer has his own set of goals and needs for improvement. In the past few days, we’ve heard from folks who are “clueless about green-reading”, worried they might have the chip yips and some who are ready to start hitting wedge approaches to “kick-in” range. Three of them would like to win The U.S. Open next month!... We all have something in our short game and putting that could be better. What are your goals right now? Email us at askpelz.com and let us know what Short Game and Putting goals you would like to achieve in 2015.

If you have any questions or need any support with your game, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to seeing many of you at an upcoming School or Clinic session.

Pelz Students Deserve Special Treatment:

Our three day schools are hosted at some of the finest golf resort’s in the country. Check out some exclusive package offers currently available if you book your school visit soon. It’s always a great idea to extend your stay and get in some rounds of golf at these awesome locales:

Uniquely Boca Inclusive Package from $349 per night

Experience the best of everything the Resort has to offer with this incredible inclusive package; the activities are endless and the savings are unprecedented. Ideal for a family staycation or even just a romantic evening away.

Uniquely Boca Package Includes: Parking, Breakfast, Late checkout, Inclusive of resort fee, 25% Off Golf Greens Fees (excluding cart), 25% Off treatments at Spa Palazzo, 25% Off Tennis Court Time, 25% Off Camp Boca. Click here for more information.

The Gold Golf Package provides the perfect South Florida golf vacation with options for players of all skill levels at an incredible savings. The Gold Package includes the choice of one round per person each day at the newly updated Palmer course, or The Haig, Squire, or Estates courses. Advance tee times are recommended.

PGA Gold Golf PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 round per person per day at The Palmer, Fazio, Squire, or Estates course, Upgrades available to The Champion course for a surcharge, Nightly deluxe accommodations in a standard hotel room with private balcony or terrace, Daily breakfast buffet per person, Complimentary bag storage, Complimentary unlimited practice balls during stay. Click here for more information.

A deluxe overnight room in the Inn at Château Élan, two rounds of golf plus cart and range balls on the Château course or Woodlands course and breakfast for two the following morning in the Versailles Restaurant or Golf Grille. Tee times are recommended at the time of booking. Click here for more information.

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