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Dave's Daily Tip:      4/23/2014

Most golfers "hit" their putts using the small muscles in their hands and wrists to control their line and distance. To vary the distance their putts roll, they vary how hard they hit them. Because this method involves many small muscle systems, it is susceptible to the golfer's level of excitement, heart rate, adrenaline and muscle strength (to say nothing of outside influences like caffeine and sugar). Some players strike their putts with a swinging motion, with no action of their hands or “hit” involved. These players control touch by watching their practice strokes and estimating the distance each stroke would roll the ball. They then control their putt speed by the length of their stroke, based on practice and past experience.

Read more about this in Dave Pelz's Putting Bible, Chapter 5.

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An Online Tip From Dave Pelz
The Only Bunker Tip You Will Ever Need

Most Tour players set up for a standard greenside bunker shot with the ball forward in their stance and the clubface open. Opening the face helps the club slide under the ball so it can blast sand—and the ball on top of it—up and out of the bunker. Playing the ball forward allows pros to start their divots three inches behind the ball while making the same swing they'd use from a grassy lie, where the goal is to hit the ball first and then the turf.

It's pretty nifty -- one swing, two kinds of shots. And it's so reliable that elite players are just as comfortable blasting from sand as they are from rough after they miss a green. But if you're like most weekend players, you use the same ball position in a bunker as you do from grass. With the ball played back, you're forced to lean away from the target or swing down steeply so you catch the sand first—big-time bunker no-nos.

Play the ball forward and open the face -- that's easy. And one more thing: The pros tend to swing with more speed in the bunker than they do on other greenside shots. They accelerate through the ball, so much so that their wedge exits the sand before the ball begins exploding upward. You don't need to swing out of your spikes—just feel like you're "pulling" the club aggressively through impact. This drill will give you the "pro" feel.

1. With the ball forward and the face open, make a three-quarter backswing with a full wrist hinge using only your left arm.
2. Swing down. Because of the forward ball position, the clubhead will hit the sand first. Through impact, feel as though you're pulling the clubhead past the ball with your left arm.
3. Continue pulling (and rotating) until your left wrist hinges the club past vertical in your follow-through.

For inspiration, check out this shot by Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. We generally like to see students set up a little differently and make a fuller finish, but his acceleration is nice and you have to love the result and the enthusiasm:

Keep an Eye Out for New Pelz
Web-based Video Tips

Dave Pelz recently filmed several instructional tips with a talented crew from Cleveland Golf. We look forward to sharing the tips, ranging from short putt lessons to conversations on loft, bounce and better ways to pitch and play sand shots, very soon. The videos will appear on clevelandgolf.com and numerous other places on the web.

“Working with Cleveland has been fun because our two camps are both passionate about helping golfers improve their scores,” says Dave Pelz. “There are simple and practical methods golfers can use to improve their scores. These 90 second lessons are one little tool we’re going to use to try to keep the short game and putting on top of golfers’ minds.” We’re looking forward to the finished product because the same creative team that put together these fantastic Srixon spots is producing the Pelz tips. We’re blown away with the production quality of these spots featuring Keegan Bradley and Graeme McDowell. They’ll make you want to get out and play right now!:

Summer Schools Announced...
Plan to Join Us in Vail, Northern Michigan
or New York

We’re excited about our Summer School offerings for 2014. Once again, our schools are being hosted at some of the most alluring golf properties in the country. If you’re ready to improve your scores and take your game to a better place, join us this summer at one of our favorite seasonal destinations.

Enjoy Vail’s Lodge and Spa at Cordillera or take advantage of summer-long sessions at New York's ultra-popular Centennial Golf Club or The Homestead on the breathtaking shores of Northern Michigan. Make your next golf getaway the trip of a lifetime and the launching point for the best golf of your life.

“After such a long and grueling winter, our staff is anxious to bring programs to our beautiful summer locations in Vail, Northern Michigan and New York,” says Dave Pelz. “We know golfers are excited to get on the course and they’re ready to shoot their best scores. There’s no faster route to improvement than getting better inside of 120 yards. Join us this summer; it’s the best investment you can make in your game.”

Click here to see our full offering of 2014 schools.

Mickelson Talks Value of Work with Pelz at Majors

It’s been 10 years since Phil Mickelson won his first major at the 2004 Masters. He’s won four more majors since (including two more Masters titles), but he says that first one is still as special as the moment his 20-foot dropped on the 72nd hole.

The PGA Tour’s official web site is running an oral history of Phil’s historic win with a few peeks inside the ropes with Phil and caddie Jim Mackay. Also interesting is Mickelson’s quote: “I think if I had started working with Pelz earlier in my career, I’d have a few more majors now.”

You can read the full article here.

Speaking of The Masters, we know viewing the tournament gives golfers an appreciation for the challenge of putting on fast greens. At Augusta National, green reading and speed control are at an unparalleled premium. Take a look at this video (below) Dave Pelz put together for golf.com and see if you share his perspective on marrying the speed of your putts with the amount of break you read. You can also try his simple game and see if it helps you improve your putting.

We’d love to know… “What are the fastest or most intimidating greens you’ve ever putted?” Tweet us @PelzGolf or with the hashtag #FastestGreensEver. If you’re not on Twitter, feel free to e-mail us at askpelz@pelzgolf.com.

Your Destination for Lower Scores
Nine Incredible Locations... Choose Yours

Dave Pelz has long been an influential figure in golf. In the early 80s, he convinced PGA Tour player Tom Kite to add a 60-degree lob wedge to his set. Kite became one of the game’s best wedge players and one of the most consistent money winners of that decade. In 2004, he convinced Phil Mickelson to refocus his preparation for the majors. Mickelson has won five Majors since. After Odyssey Golf licensed the patent for Pelz’s design that would become the Two-Ball putter, it went on to become the best-selling putter design in retail history. In all, 10 of Pelz’s professional students have won a total of 20 majors.

All of that, Pelz says, pales in comparison to the joy he and his staff get from helping “Average Joe” amateurs improve their handicaps. “It’s awesome that we’ve helped some top players improve and have success, but the weekend players deserve to have more fun with the game, too. That’s why we bring short game and putting instruction to amateurs. They have the most to gain. 80 percent of the shots golfers lose to par occur inside of 100 yards. That’s why we focus our lessons on that critical Scoring range,” Pelz says.

Join us at an upcoming school in Florida, Georgia or California and see Dave Pelz's vision for how good a golfer you can truly become. Our expert staff is ready to help you learn the short game and putting skills that bring confidence, consistency and awesome skills to your game. Sign up today for Three Days That Will Change Your Game Forever.

Click here to learn about our “Bring a Friend” discount for three-day school enrollees.

Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL
PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, Vail, CO
The Homestead, Traverse City, MI
Cimarron Golf Resort, Palm Springs, CA
Strawberry Farms GC, Newport Beach, CA
Chardonnay Golf Club, Napa, CA
The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, New York. NY
Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, Atlanta, GA

Pelz Clinics Announced
at Superb Troon Golf Facilities

In this first year of the partnership between Pelz Golf and Troon Golf, we have added several clinic offerings at an exciting array of Troon-managed locations. This summer, you’ll find a handful of great Pelz one-day Scoring Game clinics scheduled at clubs and resorts in prime locations. The first Troon property to hosts clinics will be The Golf Club at Lansdowne (June 25 – 28) near Washington, D.C. with sessions at Maderas Golf Club in San Diego following July 30 – Aug. 2.

We will also be back at some perennial favorite locations like Cog Hill Golf Club in Chicago, Pinehills Golf Club near Boston and new gems like Blue Bell Country Club in Philadelphia.

The Pelz One-Day Clinic is the ideal introduction to the chipping, pitching, putting, sand and wedge skills you need to be a better golfer. The short game makes up two thirds of the strokes you play in a typical round of golf. If you’re not improving in that all-important scoring range, you’re probably seeing your handicap stuck in neutral.

Sign up for a one-day clinic near you and get your game in gear. Come learn the practical, proven methods your game is missing. Sign up today at a location near you:

Cypresswood GC, Houston, TX May 21 - 24
Cog Hill GC, Chicago, IL June 4 - 7
Strawberry Farms GC, Irvine, CA June 6 - 8
Watters Creek GC, Dallas, TX June 11 - 14
Calabasas CC, Los Angeles, CA June 12 - 14
Centennial Golf Club, New York, NY Now – Sept. 13
Blue Bell CC, Philadelphia, PA June 18 - 21
Bulle Rock GC, Baltimore, MD June 20 - 22
Pinehills GC, Boston, MA June 25 - 28
Catta Verdera CC, Sacramento, CA June 25 - 28
GC at Lansdowne, Washington DC June 25 - 28

Pelz Schools to Visit Paris International,
Sweden's Bro Hof Slott

We are proud to announce two new European locations for 2014. Our staff from Killeen Castle (Dublin, Ireland), will be traveling to the acclaimed Bro Hof Slott Golf Course outside of Stockholm, Sweden (July 11 - 13) and to the luxurious Paris International Golf Club in France (May 16 - 18).

Many people consider Bro Hof Slott on Lake Mälaren to be the best course in Sweden. It has hosted the Scandinavian Masters. This golf facility offers an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Choose between The Castle Course, a challenging first-rate beauty with a Scottish links character and small challenging bunkers, and The Stadium Course, one of Europe’s absolute finest courses.

One of France's top courses, Paris International is the epitome of luxury and golf as it was intended to be. Opened in 1991, this incredible property offers the finest in amenities and services. The 18-hole Championship golf course is the first Jack Nicklaus Signature course in France. It was laid out over the Baron Empain land, winding its way through 100-year-old trees and scenic water hazards.

Check out our upcoming school offerings at Bro Hoff Slott or Paris International.

Tour Dave Pelz's Ultimate Golf Backyard

Many of you have seen HGTV’s “Million Dollar Rooms” segment featuring a sneak peak of Dave Pelz’s backyard research and practice area, but we've gotten several requests lately to re-post the video. While technically not a room, Pelz’s golf complex-- complete with seven target greens (which are replicas of Pelz’s favorite green complexes), an 80-ft lag station, targets to drill 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-yard wedge shots and a large tee box that allows him to take aim into a large valley of “driving range” some 80 feet below his hilltop yard—is astounding.

Watch the video here:

“What I did with SYNLawn in my yard certainly goes to the extreme. It’s my dream come true to be able to hit shots any time I want, but I did this to show people what’s possible,” Pelz says. “People can take elements of what’s here and apply to their personal spaces—no matter how small. If you’re hitting an eight-foot putt on a good realistic surface, you’re accessing golf and you’re getting better.”

HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse hosts the show and was wowed by the scope of golf features in Pelz’s yard, including replica greens of the 17th at TPC Sawgrass, the Road Hole from St. Andrews and the 12th and 13th from Augusta National. When Oosterhouse marveled at the “golf course” at Pelz’s back doorstep, Pelz was quick to counter, “It’s not a golf course or golf holes, it’s golf. I’m able to hit the shots I really want to work on to get better at my own game and to help teach others the skills they need to get better. With synthetic turf and improved installation techniques, you can have realism in backyard golf designs. When my son Eddie started Dave Pelz Synscapes, it was to give people the best installations on the best surfaces so they could have the best practice experiences. It’s got to be true to what golfers see on the course, and this is.” Oosterhouse said even if the yard didn’t cost $1 million to construct, it made him feel like it to hit shots to such “cool” targets.

Pelz Students Deserve Special Treatment:

Our three day schools are hosted at some of the finest golf resort’s in the country. Check out some exclusive package offers currently available if you book your school visit soon. It’s always a great idea to extend your stay and get in some rounds of golf at these awesome locales:

Uniquely Boca Inclusive Package from $349 per night

Experience the best of everything the Resort has to offer with this incredible inclusive package; the activities are endless and the savings are unprecedented. Ideal for a family staycation or even just a romantic evening away.

Uniquely Boca Package Includes: Parking, Breakfast, Late checkout, Inclusive of resort fee, 25% Off Golf Greens Fees (excluding cart), 25% Off treatments at Spa Palazzo, 25% Off Tennis Court Time, 25% Off Camp Boca. Click here for more information.

The Gold Golf Package provides the perfect South Florida golf vacation with options for players of all skill levels at an incredible savings. The Gold Package includes the choice of one round per person each day at the newly updated Palmer course, or The Haig, Squire, or Estates courses. Advance tee times are recommended.

PGA Gold Golf PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 round per person per day at The Palmer, Haig, Squire, or Estates course, Upgrades available to The Champion course for a surcharge, Nightly deluxe accommodations in a standard hotel room with private balcony or terrace, Daily breakfast buffet per person, Complimentary bag storage, Complimentary unlimited practice balls during stay. Click here for more information.

A deluxe overnight room in the Inn at Château Élan, two rounds of golf plus cart and range balls on the Château course or Woodlands course and breakfast for two the following morning in the Versailles Restaurant or Golf Grille. Tee times are recommended at the time of booking. Click here for more information.

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Dave Pelz's Damage Control

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