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Dave's Daily Tip:      9/2/2014

If you have difficulty controlling distance when you face short shots, it may be because you find a small, delicate swing with a short backswing to be a more difficult swing to make than a long backswing. Research shows this to be true for any level of player. One problem with the short backswing is that there is not much time to get your body parts synchronized. It is the same feeling you may have over very short putts: You jab with the hands because you feet there is not enough time to get the flow and rhythm of the stroke. Overcome this by thinking about your rhythm, back and through, with your hips and upper body synchronized together and in control of your swing. Focus on NOT providing power from your hands. Take your time on the back swing and accelerate through the ball to a longer finish (compared to your backswing).

Read more about this in Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible, Chapter 5.

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An Online Tip From Dave Pelz
What Can Bounce Do for You?

I have spent quite a bit of time talking to golfers and getting to know the needs in their games. While many of the fixes golfers need are swing- or technique-oriented, some issues arise due to them playing the wrong equipment. It’s important that golfers have wedges with the right amount of bounce for the shots they need to hit. Every golfer is different, but the effects of playing shots when you understand and play the right amount of bounce are tremendous. Look at the chart below and watch the video I produced with the clevelandgolf.com team to see if you need to shake up your site. I’d welcome your questions and comments on bounce, so feel free to contact me at askpelz@pelzgolf.com.

Watch this “Pelz Corner” video for more explanation on understanding wedge bounce:

Join Us in the Colorado Rockies
Cordillera Schools Kick Off in July

The Pelz School at Cordillera is will soon open for another exciting season of summer schools and clinics! Dave Pelz’s expert golf instructors are ready to help students lower their scores through improved short game and putting skills.

“Our three-day school combines the best of our research on the short game and putting with my experience working with the game’s top players,” says Pelz. Small class sizes and a 4-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio ensure you’ll have a rewarding personal experience while learning the concepts of scoring and developing reliable skills on and around the greens.

In addition to the three-day school programs, Pelz instructors will also be offering Two-Day Short Game-Only Schools and One-Day Scoring Game Clinics.

“Our school at Cordillera and my 10-hole short course are very unique and they’re designed to help golfers improve on the shots that most affect their scores. In my opinion, working on your short game and putting in this perfect mountain setting is the best, and most rewarding, way to get your handicap on track,” Pelz says.

With accommodations at the outstanding Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, you’ll find an unmatched mountain destination with a wealth of incredible outdoor activities. The Pelz family has a treasured connection to this one-of-a-kind mountain setting. Come discover why summer in Cordillera is one of most popular school offerings.

Join the Pelz Staff at Cordillera this summer to forge a Lifetime of Better Golf Scores!

The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, Vail, CO

Need a Fool-Proof Chipping Method?

A greenside chip should be one of the most automatic shots in your arsenal, especially if the situation calls for a low-running shot that bounces on to the green and rolls out like a putt. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School students learn an easy and incredibly reliable technique for playing this shot. In this golf.com video, Dave Pelz reveals the process of playing it and how it can really help you improve your scoring around the green:

Let's Work on Your Game
in Michigan's Natural Paradise

The Homestead on Lake Michigan is one of our favorite places. Join us for an upcoming PELZ School and you'll see why. The area's majestic Leelanau Peninsula is blessed with sandy beaches, massive dunes, timbered ridges and pastoral farms surrounded by Lake Michigan’s amazing beauty.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the National Park that now surrounds The Homestead, was recently recognized by the viewers of ABC’s Good Morning America as the “Most Beautiful Place in America”.

“The Homestead is a special place,” says Dave Pelz. “People who’ve been to Northern Michigan know it’s the ultimate golf vacation destination. The Homestead embodies everything that’s beautiful and fun about the region. The views of the dunes and the gorgeous lake, the terrific golf course at Manitou Passage and the perfect family resort and beachfront all combine for a little slice of heaven. You have to get up here this summer!”

Click here to book a one, two or three days of expert Pelz instruction. The five-acre Dave Pelz designed learning is unmatched in beauty and in providing realistic shot values for golfers who are serious about improving their scores.

Watch Dave's Newest "Pelz Corner" Tips

Cleveland Golf recently launched Pelz Corner on the www.clevelandgolf.com web site. Watch the latest Dave Pelz video lesson here and keep checking Pelz Corner for more fun content and chances to improve your game!

”I’ve always been a huge fan of Cleveland and Srixon products,” said Pelz. “Cleveland Golf’s dedication to the short game along with their industry leading wedge offerings fits perfectly with what I teach. In particular, I love their innovative wedge fitting system that gets golfers into the best wedges for their games, as well as their latest Smart Square putter alignment technology. I’m excited to be on Cleveland’s team and provide even more value to golfers looking to improve.”

PELZ Summer Schools
Your Passport to "Better"

We’re excited about our Summer School offerings for 2014. Once again, our schools are being hosted at some of the most alluring golf properties in the country. If you’re ready to improve your scores and take your game to a better place, join us this summer at one of our favorite seasonal destinations.

Enjoy Vail’s Lodge and Spa at Cordillera or take advantage of summer-long sessions at New York's ultra-popular Centennial Golf Club or The Homestead on the breathtaking shores of Northern Michigan. Make your next golf getaway the trip of a lifetime and the launching point for the best golf of your life.

“After such a long and grueling winter, our staff is anxious to bring programs to our beautiful summer locations in Vail, Northern Michigan and New York,” says Dave Pelz. “We know golfers are excited to get on the course and they’re ready to shoot their best scores. There’s no faster route to improvement than getting better inside of 120 yards. Join us this summer; it’s the best investment you can make in your game.”

Click here to see our full offering of 2014 schools.

Click here to learn about our “Bring a Friend” discount for three-day school enrollees.

The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, Vail, CO
The Homestead, Traverse City, MI
Centennial Golf Club, New York. NY
Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL
PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, Atlanta, GA

How Would YOU Solve Slow Play?

We asked what you would do to help solve slow play issues and several of our loyal readers got in touch with us to sound off with their solutions for speedier golf. Read their ideas below. Share yours by e-mailing askpelz@pelzgolf.com.

“Courses could charge a base rate, and then an add on fee for every minute over 4 hours.

Actively teach ready golf.

Have a driving range pro grade your swing and certify you to play on a course, or designate a time when you can play on the course, such as after 3PM. I know that does not sound too democratic, but it stops a first timer from teeing off at 7AM and holding up the course.

Eliminate gambling. Senior players playing for nickels or quarters can really hold up a course.

Each course should have trained rangers, aware of slow play, ready to talk to a group suggesting different ways to play so that they can play faster, or make a group let other play through.

Proper cart instructions could help speed up play. Park the cart approx. 50% between the golf balls, and have both golfers ready to hit.

Put clocks in the Cart. Time each hole, look for where the most trouble is and try to fix it.

Get rid of the tall dense grass, all it does is slow down play while people are looking for their golf ball. Less dense tall grass where you can find the ball and hit out of the tall grass is OK.

USGA videotape, DVDs on faster play. You know, the guy who hit the ball 100 Yards off the tee and is now waiting for the green to clear to try to hit a 300 yard shot. Get a popular comedian to narrate the video.” – Michael W.

“1. Make a chalk circle around each hole that is 4 - 5 feet in diameter (2 - 2.5 foot putts; radius) and have them be gimmies. Most golfers make a high percentage of 2 foot putts and it would eliminate marking the ball, reading the putt, going through putting routine and executing the putt. If there is nobody behind you, you can always practice 2 footers.

2. Allow and encourage players drop at point of entry to long grass (not rough, talking over 6 inches of grass) and other hazards that require players to look extensively for their ball, "without penalty". People look in the hazard as well with hopes of being able to find the ball and advance it. Again, not for tournament golf, but casual play. You could even do this for out of bounds. Usually, it requires the player to drop back a ways because they lose distance beyond the point of entry. Of course, you need to get folks to donate the ball and not spend the time looking.” – Gary W.

“1. limit practice swings to 2 max per shot 2. when you hit a bad shot watch where it goes so it's easily findable 3. when you're out of the hole, pick up your ball & at least drop on green and putt 4. after 3 putt, pick up 5. if you're going to buy drinks from cart girl, have one person give drink orders while others play 6. its a gimme if the putt is in the leather 7. after you hit, jump in cart with the club you just used as your partner goes to his shot, then put your club in bag 8. If your group is slow or delaying play, let next group play thru 9. don't crowd group in front of you if they're not as good as you as will make them nervous or mad slowing down okay even more 10. read putt & chips as you walk up to green( it's not the Masters!) 11. dont try to teach you're wife while you're playing 12. if you can't find your ball quickly,move on & quit buying Pro V's 13. lower handicappers: 2 over max; higher handicappers 3-4 max over 14. if you hit ball in water, don't spend time trying retrieve ball out of reach 15. ask pro which tee to play from before starting 16. Don't hit mad balls 17. quit throwing cigar or cigarette on ground then waste time trying to find it 18. dont trick up golf courses 19. Use gps or rangefinder 20.have pro shot give tips and yardage to lay ups on holes 21. I really don't need to listen why you hit a bad shot or tell me what I should have done 22. take more than 1 club to tee box if unsure of yardage” – Gordon S.

“Get rid of the rule (penalty) that hitting the flag stick while putting is a penalty…just like ready golf off the tee speeds up the game, ready putting should get the same attention….it happens multiple times a round when the putter has a long putt but the putter has to wait for someone to tend the flagstick…the tender is now taken out of his routine to get ready for his turn….the long putter has a very low percentage of making it (30 40 50 feet).. we played without that rule and you will be shocked how much faster putting becomes…the putter when ready can putt, the others can line up theirs and there is no waiting for someone to drop everything stick guard the stick….(really effective when only one player is on the green and it is his turn to play…the other three can still focus on setting up for their chips)

Try it….i bet the long putter doesn’t knock the ball in and you’ll save minutes on each green (1 min per green=18 min) – Mike M.

Email us at askpelz@pelzgolf.com and tell us what YOU would do to improve the pace of play. We look forward to your feedback!

Pelz Clinics Coming to Outstanding
Locations This Summer

In this first year of the partnership between Pelz Golf and Troon Golf, we have added several clinic offerings at an exciting array of Troon-managed locations. This summer, you’ll find a handful of great Pelz one-day Scoring Game clinics scheduled at clubs and resorts in prime locations. The next Troon property to hosts clinics will be Maderas Golf Club (July 30 - Aug. 2) in San Diego, CA with sessions at The Ridge at Castle Pines in Denver following Aug. 6 - 9.

The Pelz One-Day Clinic is the ideal introduction to the chipping, pitching, putting, sand and wedge skills you need to be a better golfer. The short game makes up two thirds of the strokes you play in a typical round of golf. If you’re not improving in that all-important scoring range, you’re probably seeing your handicap stuck in neutral.

Sign up for a one-day clinic near you and get your game in gear. Come learn the practical, proven methods your game is missing. Sign up today at a location near you:

Maderas GC, San Diego, CA July 30 - Aug. 2
The Ridge at Castle Pines, Denver, CO Aug. 6 - 9
Erin Hills GC, Milwaukee, WS Aug. 14 - 16
Centennial Golf Club, New York, NY Now – Sept. 13
Ironhorse GC, Kansas City, KS Aug. 20 - 23
Cypresswood GC, Houston, TX Sept. 10 - 13
Watters Creek GC, Dallas, TX Sept. 17 - 20
Avery Ranch GC, Austin, TX Sept. 24 - 27

Tour Dave Pelz's Ultimate Golf Backyard

Many of you have seen HGTV’s “Million Dollar Rooms” segment featuring a sneak peak of Dave Pelz’s backyard research and practice area, but we've gotten several requests lately to re-post the video. While technically not a room, Pelz’s golf complex-- complete with seven target greens (which are replicas of Pelz’s favorite green complexes), an 80-ft lag station, targets to drill 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-yard wedge shots and a large tee box that allows him to take aim into a large valley of “driving range” some 80 feet below his hilltop yard—is astounding.

Watch the video here:

“What I did with SYNLawn in my yard certainly goes to the extreme. It’s my dream come true to be able to hit shots any time I want, but I did this to show people what’s possible,” Pelz says. “People can take elements of what’s here and apply to their personal spaces—no matter how small. If you’re hitting an eight-foot putt on a good realistic surface, you’re accessing golf and you’re getting better.”

HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse hosts the show and was wowed by the scope of golf features in Pelz’s yard, including replica greens of the 17th at TPC Sawgrass, the Road Hole from St. Andrews and the 12th and 13th from Augusta National. When Oosterhouse marveled at the “golf course” at Pelz’s back doorstep, Pelz was quick to counter, “It’s not a golf course or golf holes, it’s golf. I’m able to hit the shots I really want to work on to get better at my own game and to help teach others the skills they need to get better. With synthetic turf and improved installation techniques, you can have realism in backyard golf designs. When my son Eddie started Dave Pelz Synscapes, it was to give people the best installations on the best surfaces so they could have the best practice experiences. It’s got to be true to what golfers see on the course, and this is.” Oosterhouse said even if the yard didn’t cost $1 million to construct, it made him feel like it to hit shots to such “cool” targets.

Pelz Students Deserve Special Treatment:

Our three day schools are hosted at some of the finest golf resort’s in the country. Check out some exclusive package offers currently available if you book your school visit soon. It’s always a great idea to extend your stay and get in some rounds of golf at these awesome locales:

Uniquely Boca Inclusive Package from $349 per night

Experience the best of everything the Resort has to offer with this incredible inclusive package; the activities are endless and the savings are unprecedented. Ideal for a family staycation or even just a romantic evening away.

Uniquely Boca Package Includes: Parking, Breakfast, Late checkout, Inclusive of resort fee, 25% Off Golf Greens Fees (excluding cart), 25% Off treatments at Spa Palazzo, 25% Off Tennis Court Time, 25% Off Camp Boca. Click here for more information.

The Gold Golf Package provides the perfect South Florida golf vacation with options for players of all skill levels at an incredible savings. The Gold Package includes the choice of one round per person each day at the newly updated Palmer course, or The Haig, Squire, or Estates courses. Advance tee times are recommended.

PGA Gold Golf PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 round per person per day at The Palmer, Haig, Squire, or Estates course, Upgrades available to The Champion course for a surcharge, Nightly deluxe accommodations in a standard hotel room with private balcony or terrace, Daily breakfast buffet per person, Complimentary bag storage, Complimentary unlimited practice balls during stay. Click here for more information.

A deluxe overnight room in the Inn at Château Élan, two rounds of golf plus cart and range balls on the Château course or Woodlands course and breakfast for two the following morning in the Versailles Restaurant or Golf Grille. Tee times are recommended at the time of booking. Click here for more information.

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pga national

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Dave Pelz's Damage Control

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